Avviso zona Bianca

A partire dal 14 giugno 2021 con l'entrata della Lombardia in zona Bianca varranno le regole seguenti.

La sede è aperta al pubblico dal martedì al venerdì dalle 17 alle 19 e il sabato dalle 10:30 alle 12.
L'accesso è soggetto alle regole di distanziamento.
Nei giorni e orari di apertura è possibile contattare la segreteria via telefono: 02 69311624.
La segreteria è comunque raggiungibile via email segreteria@ciclobby.it.

Attività cicloturistiche e giri cittadini si svolgono regolarmente, le attività in sede sono sospese.
Non ci sono più limitazioni al numero di partecipanti ma ci appelliamo al senso di responsabilità di ognuno per il rispetto delle norme sanitarie di distanziamento.
Per la partecipazione alle attività si faccia riferimento al seguente articolo per le norme di comportamento: Norme attività di FIAB Milano Ciclobby


Please, help us to make Milan a bicycle friendly town!

Fiab Ciclobby is a non-profit organization devoted to improve cycling conditions and protecting the rights of cyclists.
Ciclobby is a member of the Italian "Federation of Bicycle Friends" (FIAB, also a non-profit organization), which brings together more than 100 other similar associations spread throughout Italy.
FIAB is a member of ECF, European Cyclists' Federation.

The objective of Fiab Ciclobby is to promote cycling:

  1. as a daily transport, environmentally friendly, economical and effective way of transport, which especially if properly integrated with the public transport system, offers a competitive alternative to the motor vehicles
  2. as a travelling vehicle, which allows a form of tourism particularly healthy and environmentally friendly.

We strive to offer, as far as possible, the greatest variety and scope of riding experiences.
Ciclobby offers, almost all the week ends of the year, a full range of riding alternatives for active, enthusiastic cyclists of intermediate and advanced levels and interests; whether you ride for fitness, for fun, for cultural interest or for endurance, you'll find flat rides, climbing rides, shorter rides, off roads rides, and longer rides.
In total, our yearly schedule contains more than 150 rides each year, all free for our members. All the starting locations are strategically located for the ride: main train stations, churches along the canals, main Duomo square.


  1. on Safety: helmet is not mandatory but we advise you to wear it
  2. Bike sharing service is a very good option for urban short distances coverage http://www.bikemi.com
  3. Where to rent a bicycle:
    1. http://www.awsbici.com close to central station
    2. http://www.rossignoli.it downtown
  4. Bike Maintenance:
    1. Ciclofficina Stecca http://www.piubici.org
    2. Equilibro Urbano http://www.equilibrio-urbano.it
  5. Always bring along a spare inner tube in case of punctures

Look up on our events page for what's on today (English flag stays for ride leader that speaks English) or please contact us at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. , if you're interested in joining the rides and support the organization.

10 good reasons for joining Ciclobby

  1. insurance coverage 24/7 for any damage caused to others while you're riding
  2. free legal advice for damages caused to you (bike and rider) and if the bike is out, you can have the "bike courtesy".
  3. A year subscription to the magazine BC at only 2 €, the magazine of FIAB on the environment, movement, and culture.
  4. You can join the rides organized by Ciclobby in and outside the city.
  5. You can take part to travels, bike holidays, meetings and cultural activities organized by Ciclobby or other FIAB associations.
  6. You can take part to the bike maintenance tuition courses and use the workshop that we have.
  7. You get constantly informed via website, mailing list, the magazine "Ciclobby News" that deals with events and opportunities for those who use the bike in Milan, in Italy and abroad.
  8. Discounts and special offers in shops in Milan (Ciclobby Point) and at cycling friendly lodges throughout Italy, tour operators and more (Servizi under the main menu).
  9. You get the high visibility vest as a gift
  10. As each member, you reinforce the development of FIAB which promotes the use of bicycles in Italy, claims the rights of bicyclists and sustainable and safe mobility.